Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HT Components Evo AE-01 Flat Pedals First Impressions

Below you will find some pictures, facts and my first impressions on HT Components Evo AE-01 flat mtb pedals.

I tried to capture a shot of the EVO box. I apologize for the glare.

This is how the high polish silver flats look packaged in the box.

There are 10 replaceable pins per side. For a total of 20 pins per pedal.

What a sweet pedal.

358 Grams for the pair.

Super thin at 11mm.

Extruded CNC machined aluminum body & CNC machined Chromoly spindles.

102mm x 96mm x 11mm

Dual DU bushing & one patent bearing.

HT Components Evo AE-01 Flat Mtb Pedal

Weight: 358 grams for the pair.
Size: 102mm x 96mm x 11mm.
Body: Extruded CNC machined aluminum.
Spindle: CNC machined Chromoly.
Bearings: Dual DU bushing & one patent bearing.
Pins: Replaceable grip pins.
Colors: Black, Red, Silver.
High Polish Colors: Black, Red, Silver.
MSRP: $150

If this does not make you drool then you are simply off your rocker. Haha. What you see here is a pair of high polish silver anodized AE-01 Evo flat pedals from HT Components. I haven't even put these on the freeride test rig yet and I'm already a fan. They are super thin and weigh pretty much nothing. The tube in one of my tires weighs more than the pair of pedals. The grip seems like it will be immense. I can't wait to get these bad boys on the test bike and get to shredding. Be sure to keep an eye out for the full review in the future.


  1. Good stuff... cant with for the full review. Love my HT's .. sexy sexy

  2. If I'm not mistaken that looks like two right pedals....I KEED I KEED!

  3. @Shawn - I can't wait to ride these. I love my HT AN-06 pedals.

    @Justin - Lmao, you would be right sir. Shipping mishap. Somehow I was sent 2 right side pedals. I have a left in the mail system as we converse. Two thumbs up for being on the ball. Haha.

  4. Nice photos and intro Chris - dig the pedals. Look forward to your impressions after putting some miles and abuse to them ;) Nice job!

  5. May I ask where you purchased the HT's? This is the pedal I've been looking for and can't find anyone who sells them. Thanks!

  6. I've been waiting forever for to sell them. How did you manage to get a hold of these?