Wednesday, September 7, 2011

10 seconds aboard Airborne Bicycles Marauder

10 seconds aboard Airborne Bicycles Marauder 

Short clip of me riding my Airborne Marauder at our super secret test grounds. It was the first pass of the day so my speed isn't as fast as usual. Which means I'm not getting quite the distance I was looking for. The battery died shortly after this. Otherwise there would be more footage to share. I hope you enjoy. Freeride or die! #MtbLife

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HT Components Evo AE-01 Flat Pedals First Impressions

Below you will find some pictures, facts and my first impressions on HT Components Evo AE-01 flat mtb pedals.

I tried to capture a shot of the EVO box. I apologize for the glare.

This is how the high polish silver flats look packaged in the box.

There are 10 replaceable pins per side. For a total of 20 pins per pedal.

What a sweet pedal.

358 Grams for the pair.

Super thin at 11mm.

Extruded CNC machined aluminum body & CNC machined Chromoly spindles.

102mm x 96mm x 11mm

Dual DU bushing & one patent bearing.

HT Components Evo AE-01 Flat Mtb Pedal

Weight: 358 grams for the pair.
Size: 102mm x 96mm x 11mm.
Body: Extruded CNC machined aluminum.
Spindle: CNC machined Chromoly.
Bearings: Dual DU bushing & one patent bearing.
Pins: Replaceable grip pins.
Colors: Black, Red, Silver.
High Polish Colors: Black, Red, Silver.
MSRP: $150

If this does not make you drool then you are simply off your rocker. Haha. What you see here is a pair of high polish silver anodized AE-01 Evo flat pedals from HT Components. I haven't even put these on the freeride test rig yet and I'm already a fan. They are super thin and weigh pretty much nothing. The tube in one of my tires weighs more than the pair of pedals. The grip seems like it will be immense. I can't wait to get these bad boys on the test bike and get to shredding. Be sure to keep an eye out for the full review in the future.

Use your head. Use your helmet.

A personal appeal from James Cracknell - Use your head. Use your helmet.

On 20th July it's exactly one year since James Cracknell was seriously injured in a cycling accident in America. His helmet saved him. James has made a short film to encourage others to wear cycle helmets. To show your support, pass the film to your friends and most importantly, when you're out cycling, use your head. Use your helmet.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sram : Brandon Semenuk : Relentless

This is an excellent video of one of my idols. Brandon Semenuk talks about his bike setup and shows you how shredding on a mtb rig is done.

This edit is a mission statement. A declaration. A visual representation of the lethal cocktail Brandon brings to any battle and what he demands from the products he rides. Brandon's brute strength, style, and diverse skill match seamlessly with X0. Brandon Semenuk is Relentless. Brandon Semenuk is X0.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Claymore Challenge 2011 shot with Phantom Flex - Highland Bike Park

The Claymore Challenge brings professional freestyle mountain bikers from all over the world to Highland Bike Park in New Hampshire.
Grab yourself a Monster Energy, click full-screen and sit back and relax to some super slow motion mtb action! This is one of my favorite videos! Enjoy!

For more information on this video and the Phantom Flex camera, please read the detailed blog:

Follow Tom Guilmette on Twitter: @tomguilmette

FMB World Tour Ranking as of July 11, 2011

There are some interesting changes in the worlds TOP 10 after the Dakine Air Strike in Austria.

Check out the updated FMB World Tour ranking as of July 11th, 2011!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FMB World Tour Ranking As of July 5, 2011

With less than two weeks to go until Crankworx, which is the first "diamond" level event of 2011, it's a good time to check in on the overall Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour rankings.

Following the Claymore Challenge, Yannick Granieri held the lead over Sam Pilgrim and Brandon Semenuk. Chatel Mountain Style stirred things up a little bit, and now Brandon Semenuk is in the lead, followed closely by Sam Pilgrim and Yannick Granieri. Last year's World Champion, Cam Zink, has also returned to the top ten thanks to his win at Chatel.

Each rider’s best four results at the different FMB World Tour competitions count for the overall ranking, so we'll likely see some changes as the season progresses, especially with two diamond level events in the mix.

As of July 5, 2011, the standings look like this:

The following events remain on the 2011 FMB World Tour schedule:
  • Dakine Air Strike at Dakine Freeride Festival 2011 (Silver Event)
 Saalbach (AUT), July 9th, 2011
  • Red Bull Joyride at Kokanee Crankworx 2011 (Diamond Event) 
Whistler (CAN), July 23th, 2011
  • Go Big or Go Home at BIKE Expo 2011 (Silver Event) 
Munich (GER), July 21st – 24th, 2011
  • Crankworx Colorado (Gold Event)
 Winterpark Resort (USA), July 30th 2011
  • Bearclaw Invitational 2011 (Gold Event) 
Mt. Washinton (CAN), August 6th, 2011
  • Goatstyle 2011 (Silver Event)
 Silver Star Resort (CAN), August 11th – 13th, 2011
  • Red Bull District Ride 2011 (Diamond Event)
 Nuremberg (GER), September 9th – 10th, 2011

Big thanks to Vital MTB for allowing me to share their post with you fine people. Posted by bturman.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Goose-eggs & bleeding... Damage/ride report...

Alright. Not sure where to start... but this should suffice.

On June 13th I went riding with a friend Rodney and his nephew Travis to 23rd Street Bike Park in Pittsburg, Kansas. It was Travis's first time riding with us. As it was also the first ride for my helmet. But more on that later. It was a HOT and humid day in Kansas that day. I swear that my flesh was melting off my body even before I started putting on my gear.

But anyways, I was wearing my Airborne shirt and some 15" Dickie's work shorts. And for those of you that don't know me, that is my preferred riding attire at this moment. I slide my hands into my Giro Remedy gloves, wiggling my fingers comfortably into place and securing the wrist strap. I then saddled myself up with my CamelBak Capo hydration pack, making sure everything was securely snapped in place. And from there I slid my Fox Rampage DH lid over my head, strapped it in place and slid my glasses on through the front. I was ready to rock and roll.

For the first hour we rode at a moderate pace so that Travis could get used to the trail system. And after he said he was comfortable we picked up the pace and eventually started rocketing down the trails as usual. Turns out he didn't know the trail well enough. Rodney and I took a left to head towards the dirt jumps and apparently he went straight. Rodney and myself ended up back at the car and behold, no Travis in toe.

After waiting for several minutes we got a little worried as I mentioned it was his first trip riding MTB at all. He also didn't bring a water bottle, hydration pack, gloves, or helmet. We split up, in hopes of locating Travis faster. Hoping he was lost and not hurt. We rode down the trails calling his name, making sure to be loud enough to let our position be known. No response.

I pedaled my way down this snaking section with a couple blind S corners. And behold, what do I find around the last corner... Travis and his rig blasting head on into me. His head bounced off my helmet, luckily without a concussion. My front tire and my left shin took the brunt of the impact. The resulting impact left an instant massive goose-egg bigger than a golf ball on my shin.

Apparently my shit bounced off the bottom of his steerer tube, pushing the fork back enough that the bearing was hanging out and the fork was straight up and down in the frame instead of being raked out. My Airborne Marauder didn't even get a scratch. Although I did end up with a slightly tweaked front rim.

From there I rode over to one of my favorite spots at this given trail. And that is a 7 foot tall vertical step up that you have to pull a flat whip off of just to transition to the nearest trail. Well there was a small tree fallen between the step up and the trail I wanted to transfer to. So being over confident with the helmet, I had way too much speed and over shot the landing. Ice picking and then OTB into a nice big bed of thorns. Scratching and tearing of the flesh followed as my 38 lb FR rig lands on me and proceeds to help me slide my way down the hill on my back through the thorn bed. Awesome.

I'm very lucky that I had the helmet and CamelBak on. As the CamelBak and helmet kept the back of my head, neck and back from getting all cut up. As for my arms, legs and crotch... not so lucky. Haha. From there I mounted my rig and rode to the car. Where I asked Travis how he was doing. Even responded with "Yeah I'm fine, just hurting a little from your damn helmet". Turns out he was fine, just a slight headache. Glad everybody was able to have fun and walk away, even with bumps, bruises and bleeding.

So that was how I tested the crash protection of my helmet and hydration pack. Below you will learn how I exploded my rear tube...

On June 20th, I was chilling out watching some MTB videos and conversing with peeps via Twitter and Facebook. I decided I was going to get some free stickers from Vital MTB. So I sent them a self addressed and stamped envelope so they can send me some stickers. It was going on 10 P.M. at the time, I tweeted Vital MTB and told them I was riding my FR rig to the post office to mail them. So I decided to just go on a late night urban freeride.

I ended up riding for over 2 hours. Not sure how. My hometown is tiny. Columbus, Kansas... doesn't have much to offer. So I was making due with what I have. I decided to try something I've been wanting to do for years. Ramp down the staircase at the courthouse. So guess what. I started doing that. Eventually a crowd formed. 7 other bikers on Walmart grade bikes, and another 11 or 12 standing around watching. On my 14th or 15th pass down the staircase I got 'ballsy' and hit it faster than ever. Landing all the way down on the flat concrete below.

The end result was me landing flat, rear tire first. Exploding the rear tube on impact. Never had that happen before. I inspected the tire, rim and tube instantly. No damage done to the tire or the rim, so all I need to replace is the tube. I have to order off of the Internet because my LBS's don't carry big enough tubes. Bummer. But oh well. In the process I will be ordering a TruVativ Hussefelt 2.2 crank with Howitzer BB.

So that was my last two rides. Filled with pain, pleasure and awesomeness... The worst part about the late night urban freeride that ended in the blown tube was that I had to carry the 38 pound FR beast 1/2 a mile home. I do have to say. It was one hell of a work out on top of the two hours of riding I had just completed. I guess that's all I have to say about that. What did you think? Ever had anything similar happen to you? Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the post.

Friday, May 27, 2011

May 26th, Ride report and brief trail review.

Yesterday was the first day in nearly 4 days that we didn't get rain here in Southeast Kansas. I was aching to ride again. As it had been half a week since I last got to ride my rig. And by chance a friend calls me up asking me if I want to go ride. I was down from the second he asked, even though I knew it was going to be muddy as... well, you know.

We loaded up the bikes and even brought my brother along for the ride. We set our path for Wilderness Park in Pittsburg, Kansas. After about 25 minutes of travel we have arrived at our destination. Oh how I love to ride these trails. It has a little bit of everything to offer.

The Vision

Wilderness Park is located in Pittsburg, Kansas at 907 W. McKay. It was donated to the City of Pittsburg by the Casaletto family. This was for its preservation of the diverse ecosystem. Its goal is to become a recreational and cultural resource for the entire Southeast Kansas area to enjoy.


The over 4 miles of trails travel a diverse natural environment that includes wetlands, forested areas, grasslands and a portion of the Cow Creek tributary system. A major portion of the trail system is ADA accessible along with more challenging trails which rise high above on ridges created by open pit mining.


There are 4 nice pits for some fishing enjoyment.
  1. Long John
  2. Little Pit
  3. White Snake
  4. Deep Ell Pit
Park Rules

  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No motorized vehicles
  • No horses
  • No open burning
  • No hunting or trapping
  • Follow Kansas fishing regulations

Park Hours

April - October: 7am to 8pm
November - March: 8am to 5pm

Alright, now that I got all the info on the place out of the way, how about I get back to the ride. So we start unloading the bikes. Giving last minute checks. I pull on my Remedy gloves that Giro sent me (review to come later), grab hold of the bars on my Airborne Marauder, and head towards the trail head. Have to ride about 1/4 of a mile to get to the singletrack. But as we start down the singletrack we come across a down tree. Completely uprooted, made for an interesting hike-a-bike around the crater.

At this point I'm kicking myself in the rear end because I failed to bring my camera. We continue our venture down the chosen line. Hauling major... butt. Over rocks, roots, hills, valleys... anything that gets in our way. Until my buddy nearly runs into a down tree limb, he avoided impact with the limb. He failed to warn me about the issue ahead. I of course try to avoid it, but failed to duck... yeah, how retarded of me right? Good thing I've got a helmet in the works.

Yeah yeah, I didn't have a helmet. Dumb, but I can't let that keep me from riding. Anyways, back to the ride. I stood there for a second to regain my happy thoughts. Then continued on. Hit up some short downhill runs that dump into some narrow trees and twisty technical stuff with lots of roots and protruding rocks. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to get my hands on a GoPro so I can share some footage with all you out there.

Surprisingly the trail was nearly perfect... minus the couple down trees obstructing some paths. Nice and tacky. Got in about 4 hours of riding total. Nobody went down. Although I had 2 or 3 close calls with my feet coming off the pedals. Really need to upgrade my pedals and get a pair of Five Ten's Karver freeride shoe. The Giro Remedy gloves were amazing, looking forward to doing more testing with them very soon. And my Airborne Marauder took everything I threw at it as always.

We load up the bikes again and start heading for home. First we had to stop off so I could pick up a Monster Energy. Roughly 30 minutes later we are back in Columbus and unloading the bikes all over again.

Alright, so that was my first ride report and/or trail review. What did you think? Feel free to leave feedback, thanks for reading.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Airborne Marauder

I was hoping to hit some singletrack on my Marauder this weekend. But unfortunately there has been a series of severe thunderstorms that have drenched the area in rain, pelted us with golfball to baseball sized hail, and even set down a couple tornadoes. So seeing as riding is out of the question, I've decided to introduce you to my bike.
My rig is a 2010 Airborne Bicycles Marauder. I purchased it in January of this year. It's a Freeride rig with 6 inches of travel. I've been riding it nearly daily since i got it. I love to ride on the dirt, but unfortunately where I live, there aren't very many trails. So i have to make due with what i have. In turn my Marauder sees alot of urban freeriding assaults. But don't worry, it spends plenty of time on the dirt singletrack and even some rocky Ozark terrain. It hasn't let me down yet, tackles anything I put in its way. Be it rock gardens, roots, step-ups, drop-offs, dirt jumps, staircases... You name it, it can take it.
Airborne Marauder Spec' List

Frame - 6061 Aluminum 6" Travel Single Pivot Suspension MTB, w/Sealed Bearings 
Fork - Spinner Cargo 340 w/34mm Stanchions, OX-Valving, 150mm Travel and 20mm Axle 
Rear Shock - Marzocchi Coil F 
Headset - Ahead Sealed Cartridge 1 1/8" 
Brake Levers - Tektro Novela Sport 
Brakes - Tektro Novela Sport Mechanical Disc 
Rotors - Tektro 203mm Rotor 
Shifters - SRAM X-5 Trigger 8-Speed 
Front Derailleur - Shimano FD-C050 
Rear Derailleur - SRAM X-7 
Cassette - SRAM PG-820 13-32t 8-Speed 
Chain - KMC X-9 
Crank - FSA Dyna Drive 22/32t with bash guard 
Bottom Bracket - FSA Dyna Drive 
Pedals - NONE 
Rims - WTB FX-28 32H Disc Specific SV 
Hubs - Rear: 32h Alloy QR Disc Specific Front: 32h Alloy 20mm Thru Axle Disc Specific 
Spokes - Black 14g Stainless 
Tires - Kenda K877 Kinetics Front 26x2.6 & Rear 26x2.35 
Handlebar - Kalloy Alloy 31.8mm Diameter, 670mm Width, 30mm, 6 Deg 
Stem - Kalloy 2D Forged Alloy, 31.8mm Clamp Diameter, 50mm, +/- 10 Degree Rise 
Saddle - WTB Pure-V Sport 
Seat Post - Kalloy Alloy 30mm Diameter, 350mm Length 
Extras - Owner's Manual, Clear Coat, H20 Bottle Mount

I've put my Marauder through some punishment and it has taken everything i have thrown at it and then some. Bike feels great in any condition be it mud, snow, loose pack or hard pack singletrack, downhill, and even urban freeriding. It stays stable and maneuverable in even the worst of situations. The Spinner Cargo 340 fork works great, takes a lot of punishment. I haven't bottomed it out yet and I've hit some 5 and 6 foot drop offs. The Marzocchi Coil F shock that its coupled up with works amazing. Crisp response and takes everything you can put it through from small bumps to drop offs and rock gardens. The Tektro Novela 203mm mechanical discs help you come to a stop when blistering down the trails. The Shimano and Sram drive-train is amazing. Fast and reliable, and coupled with the FSA Dyna Drive 22/32t crank with bashguard you can go just about anywhere. Makes climbing pretty easy considering the weight of the bike. The bashguard will save your chainrings from getting beat up on rocks, roots and other obstacles. The WTB wheels are nice and sturdy. Hubs roll smoothly letting you go as fast as possible down the trails. The Kalloy 670mm wide bars allow for great response and handling but yet keeping you narrow enough to make it through tight technical areas. And the Kalloy seat post coupled with the WTB Pure V sport saddle allow comfortable seating. All in all, great bike, great spec list and a great price at $699.95. I suggest you check out Airborne Bicycle's website at and grab yourself one today.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Here goes nothing...

Alright, I've decided to start a blog... Future posts should include ride reports, product reviews, trail reviews and just random 2 wheeled goodness. Haha. This came about because of several things. At the beginning of the year Airborne Bicycles was looking to find 6 new members for their Flight Crew. One requirement was to have a blog. I said to myself that if i made the Flight Crew i would start a blog. I didn't make it. Bummer, but oh well, there is always next year. They made 6 great additions to their Flight Crew. And then the other day. I got home from a great ride on my Airborne Marauder to find a little brown box on my porch. It said it was from Bell Sports... I found this strange, as i hadn't ordered anything from them. Curiosity finally got to me and i opened the package. When i pulled out the paper stuffing i found a pair of gloves. Turns out Giro sent me a pair of their Remedy dirt gloves. Which is F'n awesome. I was in dire need of a new pair of gloves. After receiving the gift i figured i might as well do a product review over them (to come later after I've put them through some Freeride bliss). Also on March 29th i won a contest on Sea Otter Classic's facebook page. The prize was a CamelBak Capo hydration pack. After i receive it and put it to some good use there will be a product review over it as well. I've ran out of things to say for the time being. So, with that being said. Thanks for swinging by to read this. More to come in the future.